Bo Bech

What does
taste like?

A tribute
that traces Bo Bech´s
earlier years
as an enfant terrible

Waters of avocado with lightly salted caviar and almond oil

It reads as part cookbook,
part memoir and includes
personal anecdotes,
essays from employees,
guests, friends
and colleagues.

Cocounut fat sorbet with wood sorrel flowers

“Paustian was
the most interesting place
in europe to eat.
It just was.
Without a doubt.”

René Redzepi

Sweetbread, tail and brisket of veal width steamed morels

“He broke the norms;
it was so liberating
to eat at Bo’s.”

Rasmus Kofoed

Tomato seed and broth with steamed brown stone crab 2005

“He is the most
inspiring person i know”

Paul Cunningham
Henne Kirkeby Kro

Seventy-eight pages
in depth journey to
this legendary creation.