Once, during an interview I asked the journalist to boil me down to three characteristics.
“Number one: big heart, passion, appetites,” she said.
“Thank you, that’s kind,” I replied.
“Number two, restless.”
“Yes totally. And the third?”
“Incredibly accomplished.”
“That sounds like you’re writing my obituary.”
If I have to choose one word to describe myself it’s curiosity. Curiosity drives me and being a chef and a restaurateur is how I explore it and express myself. It’s why I’ve opened and closed restaurants, a bread shop, and why in August, I walked away from Geist after 10 thrilling and ultimately super successful years. And it’s why, right now, I’m right where I want to be. With everything up for grabs. Clear eyes and open heart. Completely free.
This is not about looking back it’s about looking ahead. Nobody wants to know what you did before, everyone wants to know what you are going to do next. And frankly, right now I don’t know. Will I do a restaurant again? One thousand percent. What sort of restaurant will it be? I have no idea. Is that exciting? Absolutely. It’s the not knowing that gives me a kick. Four times in my career I’ve been fortunate enough to take a year off, to relax, rethink, recalibrate. Each time I’ve emerged energised by doing something new and looking out into an unknown future and with renewed passion for what my profession enables me to do. To cook for someone and leave a social tattoo on their heart or mind.
Watch this space.
November 12, 2020